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November 7, 2017
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November 7, 2017
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Subway Terror

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It is the usual rush hour madness at the busiest subway station in town. You get to the station just in time to meet your fellow colleagues so that all of you can head to work together.

The Situation:

Oh no! A group of dangerous terrorists planted bombs all over the city and only they know exactly where. They also blew out the main power plant that caused the train at the subway station that you are currently in to get stuck in the middle of the underground tunnel. You and other passengers have been stuck in the subway for what feels like an eternity and everyone is in 100% panic mode. You have a feeling that there is another bomb about to explode anytime soon but you cannot say anything because it might cause an even bigger uproar.


You need to save the town and you need to do it fast! So, you decided that you must find the other bombs with the help of your pals and defuse it before things get seriously out of hand. Are you up for this challenge, hero? The town needs you!