April 26, 2019
Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day
May 15, 2019

avengers escape room end game

Avengers Types of Escape Room Players at Fifthroom – Redefine Escape

When playing an escape room game – which superhero characters best describe you and your mate?

1. The Groot

This player keep repeating the same sentence throughout the whole game. For eg. I should have known it~~


2. Captain America

Yes, follow me. I am your captain.


3. The Hulk

Get offended and angry when you point out his mistake or you don’t accept his idea.


4. Ironman

Secretly bring an iWatch and ask Siri for answer. Hello Siri, what’s the function of this key?


5. Ant Man

It’s difficult to find him or disappear during the game. Almost forget his existence.


6. Dr Strange

He will use his power to get extra time for the game.


7. Hawkeye

He is sharp and observant.


8. Thor

This traditional guy is only looking for lock and key.


9. Thanos

With the snap of his fingers, he know the answer.


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