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Who says adrenaline-filled games are only found in mobile devices? Forget that! If you are an avid fan of strategy games who, at the same time, is looking for ways to release work stress or a chance to bond with family and friends, then Fifthroom is your best bet.

Escape rooms are the latest live action entertainment craze that has taken over KL (and many other cities) by storm. Agreed by most to be more fun than watching movies or even playing board games, escape rooms offer unending adventures that promise to give you the chance to unleash your inner Sherlock – find clues, crack codes, unravel unexpected discoveries solve puzzles and brainstorm great strategies. To top it off, it is also a great way to build trust as you are expected to rely on each other to find the way out.

Fifthroom, redefining escape since 2017, is an interesting ‘escape room’ concept that requires you to solve mysteries in order to escape, with the guidance of an experienced Game Master. Located at MYTOWN Shopping Centre KL, each room can house a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players. For an enhanced player experience, we would recommend four players to a room so that everyone will have an equal chance of accomplishing the mission.

What makes us more unique than other live action entertainment facilities is not only are we equipped with exciting themed escape rooms, we also have a bistro that serves drinks and snacks. This will allow you to chill with family or pals before or after an intense escape room session. If you need a buffet spread for an event, just let us know and we will cook something up. Our event space is also spacious and can accommodate up to 80 people comfortably, making it ideal for birthday parties, corporate team building or events, casual activity with friends, special events, and many more.

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