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Fifthroom, redefining escape since 2017, is an interesting ‘escape room’ concept that requires you to solve mysteries in order to escape, with the guidance of an experienced Game Master. Located at MYTOWN Shopping Centre KL, each room can house a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players. For an enhanced player experience, we would recommend four players to a room so that everyone will have an equal chance of accomplishing the mission.

Adapting to business during the coronavirus pandemic has meant finding ways to bring games online, Fifthroom launched the Online Digital Escape Game in 2021.


Most legends about the ‘curse of mummies’ started approximately during the 7th century when the Arabs step foot into Egypt. They believed that the Egyptians would protect their tombs by magical means – curses.

It is the usual rush hour madness at the subway station. You are heading to work with your colleagues.

There is a man who calls himself a ‘JUDGE’. He thinks that all existing laws do not bring true justice and he is sick of criminals who get away with ‘murder’, thanks to unnecessary loopholes.

The HAHA Circus is the most talked about circus in town. On the night of 5th May, Mr. Bubu the clown lost the one thing that represents who he is – his nose.

There is a mansion located near the infamous Haha circus with a dungeon in it was abandoned for decades. This place was make no entry since a twin named Alice & Edward went missing playing hide and seek.

Participants not only get to play escape room games, but also get to engage in a scavenger mall hunt around MyTOWN Shopping Center to solve the curse of ancient mysteries.

Online Digital Escape Game

You got caught in the unexpected torrential downpour, it’s becoming dark and freezingYou saw a house at a distance and decided that you are going to take shelter there until the rain stop.

The largest single threat to the ecology and biodiversity of the planet in the decades to come will be global climate disruption due to the buildup of unsustainable human population growth.

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